These are 10 hyperlinks that are resources to find useful in helping me produce better quality academic work or evidence of learning resources.

1. Studiosity– This is an academic tool that helps students check their essays and proof reads them. This helps them with the structure, spelling and references.

2. Google Scholar– This is a tool that students use to retrieve journals and books to do extra reading and get references for essays.

3. Mendeley- This a tool where the books and journals you find can be stored. This is to make it easier for you to find them again.

4. Ciatation Manager – This is a tool where students can make their reference list. This is so its more precise and more time efficient for them.

5. Youtube- This is a tool where you can watch and listen to videos that are about your chosen topic. This is so you can widen or gain knowledge or revise on.

6. Spotify – This is where you can listen to podcasts and gain and/or revise knowledge on our chosen topics.

7. Scrivener – This is a tool where is focuses on your structure, format or your work. This will enable you to compose your work up to a high standard.

8. Research Gate- This is a social networking tool that allows teachers and student to post and upload papers. this is a way to gain knowledge and find references.

9. Edugeeksclub – This is tool where student can get help on the organisation, structure and give advice.

10. Todoist – This is a tool that student use to help with their time management and make sure they hit deadlines in time.