About me

Rory Payton; Sport scientist, culture enthusiast, Website Creator!

I am a Sport science at Plymouth Marjon university. After years of sport as a child, I decided to develop my skills as a teacher, my first passion. After discovering the science behind sport, however, I was fascinated, and found my way into the world of research, utilising my skills to debate and develop with others. Recently, I have been enamoured with developing my knowledge and understanding, as well as trying to expand my own experience.


Within sport, I have experience as a referee of Futsal and Football, as well as a player of Tennis and volleyball. Not only this, I now host my own research on this website, widening my own knowledge.


Now, I look forward to implementing this website into my work, using it as an archive of all the interesting work I have become proud of. Feel free to share the joy, and find your love of sport from mine!


See my CV for more details!

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