Placement end: Its all Ogre now

I think its all done. All the toil (not much). All the pain (Barely any). All the backbreaking labour (literally none). This should be my final blog post.


I learned a lot overall, not that it wasn’t fun as well. Lab technique and protocol, equipment usage, briefs and considerations. New subjects, like supplementation in the military. Hell, I wouldn’t guess that there was much study in the military before I started doing some. How irritable children can be when missing football training to jump in a lab. All learning experiences. Looking back, I think it doesnt come across well in the blogs, but I enjoyed and learned a lot. I think I might have to show it better in that reflective essay, but meh. I’ll get it right. Anyway, it has been fun, but this is the end!


And now, my work has ended. (But I gotta write an essay, soooo…. not really.)

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