Placement weekly blog: The weeks forgotten

Since the holidays, it has been pointless to record by week, as nothing new happens for large amounts of time! however, Monday was my Physiology assessment, and my experience with buffers was great thanks to Henry, which helped during the essay. Great!


Still waiting for new subjects in the lab, but just the regular grind for the foreseeable future.

Placement Week 6: The week before Christmas!

The bells are ringing, but I remain in a heat chamber. Today (14/12/18) was cold, but I found my skin melting in a 35 degree room. Fun. I promise!


Nothing new this week, but I planned to aid Henry in developing some of his literature using Mendeley, so I’m getting to work in other ways.


Now for Christmas Carols!

Placement Week 3: A light in the dark

I have begun working away for Alison, the first of the PHD students I am assisting, and its great!


Not only am I learning lab techniques, but also knowledge! The heat chamber has become my permanent abode, and not because of the heat (which is a downside!). I start with Henry in two weeks, but for now I am looking after participants, taking their weight, measuring Glutamine and monitoring participants. Lets get cracking.

Placement Week 2: The Long Grind

To work!


No really, I have begun toiling away in the lab under Chris and Ben, and already found opportunities. I have been asked to be used as an aid for two PHD projects, and will gain invaluable experience with the heat chamber and other stuff!


But for now, just being a lab hand is my fate. Its still pretty fun!