External Placement


A Sports Therapist/Rehabilitator for one of the British University and College Sport (BUCS) teams at Marjon University. I am happy to be assigned to any of the teams but I would to prefer to work with either Rugby, Basketball, Lacrosse or Football.


At Marjon University and the venues of any away games that the BUCS team may have.


I believe it is vital to undergo as many work placements as you can, as it provides you with more experience in a specific working environment, as well as giving you a better chance of getting a job once you have graduated. At some point in the future, I would be very grateful if I got given the opportunity to work in a professional sports team or with an individual athlete. Working in a BUCs team will help me to become closer to achieving this goal, as I will be able to begin to learn what to expect when working with sports teams/individuals. This could be from things such as the common injures in specific sports or the actions that need to be undertaken when emergency pitch side management is required. The more experience I gain in this working environment, will increase my confidence and knowledge. It will also show that there is evidence of continuing professional development.  The reason I would be more interested in working with either Rugby, Basketball, Lacrosse or Football is because they have a higher injury rate, so I will get more opportunities to rehabilitate different injuries and provide treatment to athletes. I also have very little knowledge on the rules and regulations of these sports, so it will be interesting to learn about these sports, while watching on the side of the pitch.

BUCs Placement Checklist Part A

Clinical Placement Checklist Part A

BUCs Placement – 14th October 2019 for 1 hour 

In this hour I treated a client who plays for the ladies British Universities and Collages Sport (BUCs) hockey team. They requested a pre-event massage and Muscular Energy Techniques (METs) on the hamstrings, in order to prepare themselves for the game on Wednesday. The aim of the session was to decrease muscle tightness and increase flexibility of the hamstrings.

BUCs Placement – 28th October 2019 for 2.5 hours 

This was the first two-hour training session I attended with the British Universities and Collages Sport(BUCs) basketball team, as there first aider.

BUCs Placement – 30th October 2019 for 4.5hours

My role within the first and second team BUCs basketball game, was to be the first aider. Therefore, if an incidence did occur I was able to apply the appropriate knowledge when called on as the first responder to injures.

BUCs Placement – 4th November 2019 for 2 hours 

My main role within the session was to apply treatment (pre-training) to the players that had any underlying pathologies, as well as acting as the first aider while training was in progress.

BUCs Placement – 13th November 2019 for 4 hours 

This week I was the first aider for both the women’s volleyball and hockey team. The main incident that occurred was just after half time in the hockey match; a player from the opposing team was knocked unconscious as they received a ball to the face.

BUCs Placement – 14th November 2019 for 2 hours 

Me and another sports therapist provided post-match treatment to the BUCs hockey players, if they requested it. The majority of treatments consisted of soft tissue massage (STM) and METs (Muscular Energy Techniques).

BUCs Placement – 20th November 2019 for 4.5 hours 

This week I participated in a revision session on emergency trauma, managed the hockey game acting as the first aider and provided pre and post treatment to the players.

BUCs Placement – 25th November 2019 for 2 hours 

Tonight, I provided pitch side management for men’s and women’s hockey training. There were no serious injuries during the session however, some of the players had a few aches and pain.

Clinical Placement – 10th January 2020 for 5 hours

On the 10thJanuary, I started my clinical placement at Plympton Chiropractic, where I got the chance to shadow a qualified sports therapist. It helped me to increase my knowledge on different treatment techniques, so I could begin to understand when it is appropriate to use a specific method, in order to get the best outcome for the patient.

Clinical Placement – 14th January 2020 for 5 hours

In this session, I shadowed my placement supervisor, who treated two different clients; the first had osteoarthritis (OA) in both knees and the right ankle, while the other client had torn their calf and had been experiencing pain. I also got the chance to practice peripheral mobilisations on a qualified sports therapist, so they could help me to refine my previously learnt skills and techniques.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 17th January 2020 for 2 hours 

In this 2-hour session, I participated in an emergency trauma revision session. It will help me to become more knowledgeable and confident on what I need to do if something was to happen during a British University and Colleges Sport (BUCs) game.

Clinical Placement – 23rd January 2020 for 5 hours 

This week, I shadowed treatment and rehabilitation for four different clients. Some of the pathologies included a possible sub acromial impingement, rotator cuff (RC) impingement or biceps tendinopathy, suspected medial meniscal damage which had progressed to an inflamed quadricep tendon and general tightness in hamstrings, glutes and shoulders.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 29th January 2020 for 5 hours 

In the first 2 hours, I attended an emergency trauma session which prepares us if something was to happen on the field of play. After this I taped any of the hockey players that wanted it and then provided first aid during the girls BUCs hockey game.

Clinical Placement – 30th January 2020 for 5 hours

During the 5 hours, 3 clients were treated with different pathologies and problems. This included an elderly man with Parkinson’s disease, a lady who experiences migraines from tension in the neck and a man who has a possible rotator cuff (RC) impingement.

Clinical Placement – 6th February 2020 for 5 hours 

This week we had clients visit the clinic who had a history of sciatica, pain over the tibia where the pathology was unknown and medial meniscal damage.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 10th February 2020 for 1 hour 

In this hour, I conducted a SCAT test on one of the players in the BUCs hockey team. The player had got hit with a hockey stick in the back of the head during Saturday league, so needed to be assessed for concussion.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 26th February 2020 for 8 hours 

During the 8 hours, I attended an emergency trauma revision session and was the first aider for both the women’s football and men’s basketball BUCS games. This meant that if an incident occurred, it would be up to me and the other members of the medical team to apply the appropriate knowledge and act accordingly.

Clinical Placement – 27th February 2020 for 5 hours

During these 5 hours, 2 clients were treated, one who had symptoms of lateral epicondylitis and another who had possible shin splints or a stress fracture. I also got the opportunity to practice mobilisations of the thoracic spine, soft tissue massage (STM) of the forearm, soft tissue release (STR) by finding a trigger point in the extensor muscles and mobilisations of the wrist.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 4th March 2020 for 8 hours 

During these hours I did pre and post-game treatment, as well as acting as the first responder if something was to happen in either the men’s or women’s hockey match.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 6th March 2020 for 1 hour 

In this hour, I massaged a client who had tight quadriceps from a hockey match a few days ago.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 11th March 2020 for 3 hours 

During the 3 hours, I provided pre-game treatment and acted as the first aider if something was to arise during the match, that needed dealing with. There were no life-threatening incidences but two of the girls from the opposition both sustained injuries and needed treatment.

Clinical Placement – 12th March 2020 for 5 hours

During the 5 hours, the therapist treated a possible rotator cuff tendinopathy or subacromial impingement, shin pain and tight calves as well as a client who requested a 30-minute massage of the back and neck.