External Placement


A Sports Therapist/Rehabilitator for one of the British University and College Sport (BUCS) teams at Marjon University. I am happy to be assigned to any of the teams but I would to prefer to work with either Rugby, Basketball, Lacrosse or Football.


At Marjon University and the venues of any away games that the BUCS team may have.


I believe it is vital to undergo as many work placements as you can, as it provides you with more experience in a specific working environment, as well as giving you a better chance of getting a job once you have graduated. At some point in the future, I would be very grateful if I got given the opportunity to work in a professional sports team or with an individual athlete. Working in a BUCs team will help me to become closer to achieving this goal, as I will be able to begin to learn what to expect when working with sports teams/individuals. This could be from things such as the common injures in specific sports or the actions that need to be undertaken when emergency pitch side management is required. The more experience I gain in this working environment, will increase my confidence and knowledge. It will also show that there is evidence of continuing professional development.  The reason I would be more interested in working with either Rugby, Basketball, Lacrosse or Football is because they have a higher injury rate, so I will get more opportunities to rehabilitate different injuries and provide treatment to athletes. I also have very little knowledge on the rules and regulations of these sports, so it will be interesting to learn about these sports, while watching on the side of the pitch.