Placement at Plympton Chiropractic (STYD90)

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Clinical Placement – 10th January 2020 for 5 hours

On the 10thJanuary, I started my clinical placement at Plympton Chiropractic, where I got the chance to shadow a qualified sports therapist. It helped me to increase my knowledge on different treatment techniques, so I could begin to understand when it is appropriate to use a specific method, in order to get the best outcome for the patient.

Clinical Placement – 14th January 2020 for 5 hours

In this session, I shadowed my placement supervisor, who treated two different clients; the first had osteoarthritis (OA) in both knees and the right ankle, while the other client had torn their calf and had been experiencing pain. I also got the chance to practice peripheral mobilisations on a qualified sports therapist, so they could help me to refine my previously learnt skills and techniques.

Clinical Placement – 23rd January 2020 for 5 hours 

This week, I shadowed treatment and rehabilitation for four different clients. Some of the pathologies included a possible sub acromial impingement, rotator cuff (RC) impingement or biceps tendinopathy, suspected medial meniscal damage which had progressed to an inflamed quadricep tendon and general tightness in hamstrings, glutes and shoulders.

Clinical Placement – 30th January 2020 for 5 hours

During the 5 hours, 3 clients were treated with different pathologies and problems. This included an elderly man with Parkinson’s disease, a lady who experiences migraines from tension in the neck and a man who has a possible rotator cuff (RC) impingement.

Clinical Placement – 6th February 2020 for 5 hours 

This week we had clients visit the clinic who had a history of sciatica, pain over the tibia where the pathology was unknown and medial meniscal damage.

Clinical Placement – 27th February 2020 for 5 hours

During these 5 hours, 2 clients were treated, one who had symptoms of lateral epicondylitis and another who had possible shin splints or a stress fracture. I also got the opportunity to practice mobilisations of the thoracic spine, soft tissue massage (STM) of the forearm, soft tissue release (STR) by finding a trigger point in the extensor muscles and mobilisations of the wrist.

Clinical Placement – 12th March 2020 for 5 hours

During the 5 hours, the therapist treated a possible rotator cuff tendinopathy or subacromial impingement, shin pain and tight calves as well as a client who requested a 30-minute massage of the back and neck.