Pitchside Placement (STYD01)

Confirmation of 28 placement hours


Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 17th January 2020 for 2 hours 

In this 2-hour session, I participated in an emergency trauma revision session. It will help me to become more knowledgeable and confident on what I need to do if something was to happen during a British University and Colleges Sport (BUCs) game.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 29th January 2020 for 5 hours 

In the first 2 hours, I attended an emergency trauma session which prepares us if something was to happen on the field of play. After this I taped any of the hockey players that wanted it and then provided first aid during the girls BUCs hockey game.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 10th February 2020 for 1 hour 

In this hour, I conducted a SCAT test on one of the players in the BUCs hockey team. The player had got hit with a hockey stick in the back of the head during Saturday league, so needed to be assessed for concussion.

(Contains SCAT Test)

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 26th February 2020 for 8 hours 

During the 8 hours, I attended an emergency trauma revision session and was the first aider for both the women’s football and men’s basketball BUCS games. This meant that if an incident occurred, it would be up to me and the other members of the medical team to apply the appropriate knowledge and act accordingly.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 4th March 2020 for 8 hours 

During these hours I did pre and post-game treatment, as well as acting as the first responder if something was to happen in either the men’s or women’s hockey match.

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 6th March 2020 for 1 hour 

In this hour, I massaged a client who had tight quadriceps from a hockey match a few days ago.

(Contains Clinical Consultation Form)

Pitchside Placement (STYD01) – 11th March 2020 for 3 hours 

During the 3 hours, I provided pre-game treatment and acted as the first aider if something was to arise during the match, that needed dealing with. There were no life-threatening incidences but two of the girls from the opposition both sustained injuries and needed treatment.

(Contains Accident Report Form)