BUCs Placement (STYD90)

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BUCs Placement – 14th October 2019 for 1 hour 

In this hour I treated a client who plays for the ladies British Universities and Collages Sport (BUCs) hockey team. They requested a pre-event massage and Muscular Energy Techniques (METs) on the hamstrings, in order to prepare themselves for the game on Wednesday. The aim of the session was to decrease muscle tightness and increase flexibility of the hamstrings.

BUCs Placement – 28th October 2019 for 2.5 hours 

This was the first two-hour training session I attended with the British Universities and Collages Sport(BUCs) basketball team, as there first aider.

BUCs Placement – 30th October 2019 for 4.5hours

My role within the first and second team BUCs basketball game, was to be the first aider. Therefore, if an incidence did occur I was able to apply the appropriate knowledge when called on as the first responder to injures.

BUCs Placement – 4th November 2019 for 2 hours 

My main role within the session was to apply treatment (pre-training) to the players that had any underlying pathologies, as well as acting as the first aider while training was in progress.

BUCs Placement – 13th November 2019 for 4 hours 

This week I was the first aider for both the women’s volleyball and hockey team. The main incident that occurred was just after half time in the hockey match; a player from the opposing team was knocked unconscious as they received a ball to the face.

(Contains Accident Report Form)

BUCs Placement – 14th November 2019 for 2 hours 

Me and another sports therapist provided post-match treatment to the BUCs hockey players, if they requested it. The majority of treatments consisted of soft tissue massage (STM) and METs (Muscular Energy Techniques).

(Contains Clinical Consultation Form)

BUCs Placement – 20th November 2019 for 4.5 hours 

This week I participated in a revision session on emergency trauma, managed the hockey game acting as the first aider and provided pre and post treatment to the players.

BUCs Placement – 25th November 2019 for 2 hours 

Tonight, I provided pitch side management for men’s and women’s hockey training. There were no serious injuries during the session however, some of the players had a few aches and pain.