Relevant Blogs

Spine Health 

Back pain and neck pain are very common issues for people seeking physical therapy treatment. This blog page focuses on understanding the importance of the role of the spine in body function and health care for back and neck pain, as well as other related conditions. This resource inspires me professionally as I would look to do more research into the mechanisms of the spine and what at home self care techniques are most effective in helping rehabilitation of these areas.

Fitfile Healthcare

This is a local sports injury clinic that aims to provide high quality treatment in diagnosis and management of lifestyle and sports injures. These therapists inspire me professionally because they stay up to date with current and developing technologies by attending continuing professional development (CPD) courses. This is evident as the clinic has state of the art equipment including Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) and dynamic ultrasound imaging available to assess musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries.

Elizabeth Brew Sports Injury Centre

I am professionally inspired by this person as they have worked at an international level for 18 years. The therapist specialises in treating British triathlon and British swimming athletes. They have also previously worked in professional rugby in both union and league. This shows that she has a high level of injury knowledge in a range of sporting disciplines.

ECB Cold Spa

An ECB Cold Spa is very similar to an ice bath. However, it has inspired me professionally as it has taken treatment to a new level, by introducing salt and maintaining the water temperature at 8 degrees. The combination of these factors mean that the effectiveness of an ice bath has improved drastically, therefore the athlete is back on the playing field within a shorter period.

Kinesiology Taping Blog

This blog page is very useful for sports rehabilitation as it provides infromation on how to tape particular areas of the body. It inspires me professionally, as one topic I am particularly interested in, is the mechanisms of kinesiology tape and what affects cutting the tape differently (Oedema taping) will have on an area. This webpage holds a lot of information surrounding these topics so it is beneficial.