STYC01 Clinical Reflection 30/11/18

On the 30thNovember I massaged my client for 1 hour and then experienced a massage from them, while discussing the anatomy on the body. I massaged the clients quadricep muscles and spent 20 minutes on each leg.

Reflective Summary 

Before the session started, I made sure the bed was in the right position so it would be comfortable for the client. I then checked to see if they had any contraindications to ensure they were able to have the massage. I started off with effleurage to increase the blood circulation which can be seen when the client gets redness on the skin (erythema). I then used petrissage (mainly kneading) to get deeper into the tissue, creating heat and pressure. To put less strain on my hands I used my thumbs and knuckles to release some of the tension that I felt in and around the quadricep muscles. Once I had done both legs it was my turn to have a massage on my back. The therapist used a variety of techniques allowing me to feel which was the most beneficial. While I was being massaged we discussed the anatomy in and around the back naming the bony landmarks of the scapula and the muscles that were both superficial and deep.

Areas for further improvement 

To improve I need to make sure the bed is in an appropriate position so that I can access all of the muscles. In this case I had the client sat up but it made it hard for me to access the rectus femoris muscle. In the future I should lie them down to cover the whole area. I could have also used better towelling technique so when accessing all of the quadricep muscles I am aware of client modesty and the best way to protect this. A final thing that I need to do is make use of the bolsters to prevent over extension at joints when pressing down during effleurage.

Things to Remember 

  1. Make use of the bolsters to avoid extension in unwanted places
  2. Ensure you cover the full area of the muscles you want to massage
  3. Use the appropriate language depending on who you are talking to

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