Clinical Reflection – 26/11/18

Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
26/11/18 Marjon Sports Clinic         2 2 massages; one hamstring and one calf. Stretching used on both.
Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
Massage 1: Client complaining of achiness in the calves following half marathon training. Tested ROM which appeared to be quite good, however client reported it being lower than normal and there was a reduced ROM between the left and right leg.


Performed massage and during effleurage I palpated a few trigger points in both calves, bigger in the left leg which I treated with NMT. Stretched the gastrocnemius and the soleus separately using PIR for both as the client didn’t appear to be injured or in much pain. Re-tested ROM and noticed an increase in both legs but more of a significant difference in the left leg.


Massage 2: Client complaining on decreased ROM and straining pain following an intense leg workout at the gym. Tested ROM prior to performing massage. Stretched the client’s hamstrings using RI, as the client was in discomfort. This lengthens the hamstrings, without directly stretching them. Retested ROM and noticed an improvement.



Practice muscular energy technique as well as PIR and RI.Revise origins and insertions of gastrocnemius and soleus. Will use the trial guide to help with this.
Returning to reflections at a later date
Revising these origins and insertions has helped me when treating a client as I can now ensure I am working along the full length of the muscle. Knowing the difference in location between the soleus and gastrocnemius, allows me to place the clients leg in a raised position to target specifically the soleus. This is useful as I am able to target a specific muscle opposed to just treating the whole area.


Practising muscular energy technique has been useful as it is an effective stretching technique for individuals who have tightness, reduced ROM or are in pain during PIR.


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