Reflection: 8/11/19


Number of hours: 5

Location:Essential Chiropractic Torquay

Summary & Reflection:

Todays patient was suffering from tight hamstrings and calves due to taking part in the “couch to 5k” in an attempt to lose weight and improve his fitness. On assessment I noticed he had reduced ROM in knee flexion due to tight hamstrings and on palpation I came across numerous trigger points in the main muscle belly of the biceps femoris. I performed STM, soft tissue release and myofascial release of the hamstrings to lengthen the muscle fibers, encourage relaxation, reduced pain, improve lymphatic drainage and improve ROM. I then performed STM and myofascial release on the calves which were also very tight, so may have contributed to the decreased ROM in the hamstrings. Glute tightness could also contribute to hamstring tightness, so I performed myofascial release on the glutes to reduce TrPs.

Finally I have the patient home hamstring stretches and explained to them the importance of stretching in between training and after running.

Hamstring warm-up exercises link here for future use. 


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