Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
11/3/19 Open clinic 2 Client 1: C/O tight hamstrings following gym session. STM, NMT, MET.

Client 2: tight upper fibers of trapezius and knots along medial border of scapula. STM, NMT.

Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
Client 1: C/O tight hamstrings. Checked contraindications, ROM, posture, gait. Gait and posture fine, good even muscle bulk, ROM slightly decreased in right leg and PoP due to muscle tightness.


STM, NMT of TP in bicep femoris. RI of hamstrings and then re-tested ROM and saw an increase in ROM of both legs. Advised that they cool down at stretch after the gym as she said she often forgets and is in a lot of pain for the next few days after a gym session.


Client 2: C/O pain in upper fibers of trapezius and rhomboids 6/7. No headaches or contraindications. Decreased ROM in side flexion to the left side and lots of TP in upper fibers of trapezius and along medial border of scapula, so I used NMT and STM to relax the muscles and deactivate the TP and finished with STR to realign the muscle fibers, to improve ROM.

Practice MET on the upper limb to build confidence using it as part of treatments for shoulder and neck issues.


Practice concisely explaining MET.

Returning to reflections at a later date
 I still need to keep practicing MET on the upper body to gain confidence. I use it regularly on lower limb and find it very effective, however I struggle with remember the positions to tell the client to be in, so need to practice concisely explaining this.

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