Reflection Essential Chiropractic: 23/12/2020

Reflection: 23/12/2020                              Hours: 7

 What happened:

Today I had five patients in clinic, two with neck pain, one with lower back pain, one with shoulder pain and a final with hamstring pain.

I learnt a lot when treating the individual with hamstring pain, who was suffering from tightness in his biceps femoris from overtraining at the gym without suitable rest, warm-ups and cool-downs. He reported neglecting rest and never factored in adequate time for warming-up and cooling-down and was unsure on why his hamstrings were so tight as he regularly performed static stretching.

I educated him on the importance of following a suitable warm-up and explained that dynamic stretching is more effective that static stretching, when used as part of a warm-up as static stretching has been found to decrease power and hinder performance (Gergley, 2010).

I prescribed single leg Romanian deadlifts (RDLs) to the patient, as they have been found to be effective at increase hamstring strength, lengthen the muscles and increase neuromuscular control (Hody et al., 2019).

What I was thinking and feeling and what was good or bad:

I felt confident in todays session and felt like my extra reading was starting to benefit me.

What else I could have done/areas for improvement:

Written the individual a RAMP warm-up to follow, to improve his adherence to warming-up.


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Hody, S., Croisier, J. ., Bury, T., Rogister, B., & Leprince, P. (2019). Eccentric muscle contractions: risks and benefits. Frontiers in Physiology, 10, 536–539.

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