Date: 24/4/19

Location: Marjon Sports Clinic

Total Amount of Hours: 1

Overview of the session:

The client had tight rhomboids and upper fibres of trapezius, due to not cooling down following a gym session. I performed STM and NMT.

Reflective Summary: Checked contraindications, ROM and asked for informed consent. I then performed a postural assessment to check the client wasn’t suffering with kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis. I asses their gait to ensure they weren’t limping or guarding any injuries.

Areas for further improvement plus action plan:

Try a greater range of techniques on the upper limb to gain confidence and provide a more effective treatment. Practice on more clients that I don’t know to continue to build my confidence. If I were to perform my formative assessments again, I would do them more spread out to allow me to see an improvement from the start of the year to the end.

Returning to reflections at a later date:

I feel more confident after practising on someone who I do not know, as this will prepare me a lot more for clients in the future. I was very nervous to begin with however, I felt like I became more relaxed as the treatment progressed.


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