STYC01 Clinical Reflection 25/02/2019

This session was in open clinic for one hour.

Reflective Summary

The client had upper shoulder and neck pain and tension due to their work load at University. It was apparent that their upper fibres of trapezius and levator scapulae were tender and tight, despite the client having a full range of movement in their neck and shoulder joints. For treatment, the client received a soft tissue massage on their upper back, neck and shoulders. Following this, I performed soft tissue release on the clients upper fibres of trapezius.

Areas for Improvement

When asking the client to perform the range of movements, I always perform the range of movements and say ‘can you do this’ rather than describing the movement in detail to ensure they are performing it properly.

What can I do next?

Figure out concise but detailed ways of asking the client to perform range of movements.

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