STYC01 Clinical Reflection 26/02/2019

This session was conducted in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic for 1 minutes. Another Sports Therapy student and I performed pre-event massages and post event massages on each other (one on each leg).

Reflective Summary

For the pre event massage, I used the techniques efflurage, petrissage and taptoements on one calf. However, I ensured I did no deep work to avoid pain. Following this, I performed post isometric relaxation on the gastrocmenius and soleus, ensuring I used my forearm (soleus) and leg (gastrocnemeius) to avoid straining my hands.

Following this, I performed a post event massage on the other calf. With this, I used the techniques efflurage and petrissage. However, I performed these much slower, and deeper. With this, I used my knuckles, thumbs, forearms and elbows in order to get in deep.

Areas for Improvement 

The pre-event massage was supposed to only last around 5/10 minutes, however I was performing this for around 20. For the post-event massage, I was performing this for around 25 minutes, instead of 15/10.

What can I do next?

  1. Watch the clock when massaging.
  2. Plan my massage more before hand to ensure I stay on track with how long I do each technique for.


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