03/12/2019 2 hours

This session took place in the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic.

After practise, I was invited to observe the assessment of the injured player in clinic. During the assessment, I learnt how to approach a client who has an injury in an awkward area, and how to assess the groin itself. Throughout the assessment, the head therapist asked me anatomical questions to aid my learning, and also quizzed me on the assessment of the hip. I found this hour very useful, as I got to witness the assessment of an injury in a very professional manor. I took notes throughout to ensure I didn’t forget any information I was being told/I observed.

Within the second hour in the clinic, a player was complaining of delayed onset muscle soreness in their quadriceps. So, I gave the player a soft tissue massage, followed by soft tissue release on their quadriceps. As this player comes to me a lot about their DOMS, I then showed the player some stretches they can do after lifting weights, and how to foam roll correctly at home, in the clinic or in the gym. Within this session, I felt very professional being able to offer them something they can do regularly without having to see me to reduce their DOMS.

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