05/03/2020 1 hour

This session took place in the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic.

The athlete came complaining of lower back pain. Upon the objective assessment, due to the pain being during palpation of the L3/4 vertebrae, and the pain getting worse during flexion, the clinic supervisor suggested that it is a facet joint problem. So, I was observed whilst performing mobilisations to this player. Considering I have had limited practise in this area considering out spinal module only started in January, I was quite nervous to perform these. The clinic supervisor showed me first to refresh my memory and ensured I was performing the correct technique to avoid further injury. I currently feel more comfortable performing mobilisations with my thumbs, despite the fact it makes them ache quite early on in the treatment. So, I aim is to become comfortable enough to use the corner of my hand (underneath the base of the first metacarpal), as the clinic supervisor explained that performing the treatment this way avoids your hands aching so quickly.

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