26/02/2020 2.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session. In the final hour, it took place at the strength and conditioning session.

To begin I conducted the warm-up with another student therapist. During this session, I observed the player who had recently experienced a thumb injury go through his progression on his rehabilitation. I found this very useful and interesting and was actually able to answer some questions for him. He was concerned that he had a ‘bump’ in one of his thumbs, to which I was able to explain that it was nothing bad and allowed him to feel my thumb to compare (as I had this too). He didn’t have any pain over this area, so, I was able to confidently tell him that there is nothing to worry about regarding this. Following this, I went to the strength and conditioning session. In this hour, I went through a players rehabiliation for his patella tendinopathy.

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