Formative & Summative Assessment


Formative & Summative Assessment Plymouth Raiders

Formative Assessment Plymouth Raiders

Summative Assessment Plymouth Raiders


Formative & Summative Assessment Marjon Basketball

What are the students Strengths?
Communication: Amber has demonstrated a good ability to be able to effectively communicate, utilising written, verbal and other alternatives to these previous two types to ensure that information is relayed to relevant individuals, whether this be staff, coaches or players.
Enthusiasm: Amber has certainly been one of the more enthusiastic therapists this year, highlighting her passion for basketball and really getting to grips with the game, forming a strong rapport with many players in the team whilst also maintaining professionalism.
What would you like to see the student concentrate on, or develop, in the remainder of their time on placement?
Increase Attendance for Support Sessions: I would really like Amber to complete more additional support sessions on a Wednesday morning, these prove to be immensely helpful for other students as the class sizes are quite small and it includes a lot of peer learning, as well as a good mixture of anecdotal and evidence based practice and advice.
Working Independently: What I’d like to see Amber do would be to work more independently, perhaps just on her own when she feels confident enough to do this, so her judgement is not always questioned and she understands what it is like to have to work independently. Identifying the challenges this presents of having to utilise resources and the significance of preparing well for a game to ensure that if anything does happen she is adequately prepared.
Other Comments?
What are the students Strengths?
Knowledge: Amber has shown a great thirst to continually strive for learning and engaging with learning, as has been evident clinically. I have had the opportunity to be able to supervise and observe Amber’s clinical ability more so than pitch side. Her competency and level of clinical judgement is very impressive and I have been pleasantly surprised when having critical discussions with her regarding individual players.
Professionalism & Punctuality: Amber is always early to training and game sessions than the required meet time, ensuring she is adequately prepared, respectful, well dressed and otherwise professional. It has really impressed me how Amber has conducted herself this year and I think spending time with a professional basketball team, has only benefited her practice and professionalism when working with the BUCS Basketball teams.
What area(s) of professional development would you suggest that the student focuses on in the next 12months?
Confidence: Albeit I eluded to Amber’s knowledge being excellent, she sometimes lacks the conviction to follow through with what she thinks to be right, when she is often right. I’d really like to create an environment where amber might be able to succeed and be given praise more often instead of more challenging situations she often finds herself in during her other placement. Trying to build on the foundation knowledge she already has and cultivating her ability and allowing her more freedom and flexibility to do with players what she wishes to, to try and improve her confidence.
Utilising Pocket Tools, Support Sessions and CPD: I’d really like for Amber to utilise more advice through me and her other clinical and placement supervisor’s to try and extract a mixture of anecdotal and evidence based information that will help her throughout her career. The completion of CPD to gain further specific knowledge so she can make better informed decisions professionally about modalities, how to treat professional players and engage with them psychologically as well as utilising pocket tools that can benefit clinical decision making in a pitch side environment or in high pressure situations that help to take the pressure of her by prompting of following a protocol.
Working Towards RFU PHICIS: I would eventually like for amber to have completed the Emergency Trauma (Pre Hospital) RFU course by September of next year, I feel she is currently working towards achieving this but feels she would benefit from some further 1:1 sessions, observations and feedback on her performance that perhaps is not appropriate for here.
Other Comments?
Kind Regards,
Mike Prynn Bsc (Hons)

Graduate Intern; Clinic Supervisor 

Marjon Sport & Health Clinic

Faculty of Sport, Health; Wellbeing 

Plymouth Marjon University

Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BH

United Kingdom

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