10/03/2020 2.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session. In the last hour, this took place at their strength and conditioning session.

To begin, I conducted the warm-up whilst being observed by the head sports therapist. He explained that following my formative assessment feedback I had become more assertive which was a predominant aim of mine. Following this, a player came in late to practise, so I observed the head sports therapist deliver a quick but effective warm up to this player. I found this extremely useful and will be using this whenever a player comes in late. Following their mini warm up, the player was complaining of tightness in their hip flexor, so I observed the head sports therapist release this. To begin, he did some eccentric lengthening of the players hip flexor using a muscular energy technique. After this, he made it more dynamic, making the player do slow and controlled banded ‘a skips’. Following this, he made the player do explosive ‘a skips’. I found this extremely useful as there is a player in the Marjon basketball team who has trouble with their hip flexor, so before practises/games I can go through this process with him. During practise, the head therapist went through the difference between strength and hypertrophy training to help me with my new module, and to aid my knowledge when writing rehabilitation plans. Following this in the strength and conditioning session, it was only the head sports therapist and I running this. Due to this, I was able to get more involved in running the session. I demonstrated some of the exercises, as well as giving coaching tips throughout, encouraging progressions and regressions depending on the player. At the end of the strength and conditioning session, one player came forth complaining of neck pain. The head therapist allowed me to asses this player under his supervision, to which I came to the conclusion that the issue was tight muscles. So, the head therapist invited me to treat this player in the clinic following this session, whilst under supervision by himself.

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