STYC01 Clinical Reflection 09/04/2019

This session was conducted in the Marjon Sports Therapy Clinic for 1 hour. The client complained of having achy feet.

Reflective Summary

Within this session, I performed a soft tissue massage on the feet of the client. Using the techniques efflurage and petrissage, I worked the muscles using deep work to relieve as much tension as possible. When massaging the feet, the client did mention how painful and tender they were, so, I ensured I kept checking their VAS score to make sure I wasn’t causing too much pain. Once the massage was complete, the client stated that they felt a lot less tense. I advised that the rested and drank lots of water.

Areas for Improvement

Due to the client having really soft feet, my hands often slipped from their feet, and I found it hard to get in deep to the muscle tissue.

What can I do next?

Use slightly less lotion when massaging the feet to allow for a better grip.

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