07/11/2019 1 hour

This session took place in the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic for 1 hour.

Within this session, the athlete asked me to go through his patella tendinopathy rehabilitation that has been given to him by the head sports therapist, to ensure his technique is correct for every exercise. Prior to this session I read the rehabilitation programme to ensure I knew what all of the exercises were and asked the head sports therapists any questions I had. We went through his whole rehabilitation, and I gave pointers to things he could improve in terms of his technique. As well, we recapped the progression criteria for when he feels ready to progress to harder exercises. I found this session very interesting as exercise rehabilitation is the area I thoroughly enjoy. I find it very interesting to see the way the head sports therapist writes the rehabilitation programmes, in terms of the different categories (e.g. kinetic chain, knee pain etc) that need to be addressed in order for the athlete to be recovered.

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