10/12/2019 1.5 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

To begin, I put the bands out ready for the warm-up to begin to ensure efficiency. After completing the warm-up, I had a few players come over to be explaining that they are bored of this current warm up. I told them I would pass the information on to the head therapist to see what we could do. Whilst sitting court side watching out for injuries, I sorted the medical bag to ensure it was tidy and everything was clear and easy to see. One player got scratched on the hand by another whilst playing and was bleeding. So, I pulled the player to the side, cleaned the blood and applied imperium jelly to stop the bleeding. This is something I also had to do nearer the beginning of the season. I remember then being nervous to pull the player, however this time, I did so with confidence which I think also rubbed off on the player. The first time round, I thought the player might think its unnecessary to do anything for such a small injury, and that is also the impression I got from them whilst applying the imperium jelly. However, because this time I did so with such confidence, I feel as though the player didn’t second guess what I was doing at all.

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