12/12/2019 2 hours

This session took place court side to the Plymouth Raiders practise session.

To begin, I conducted the warm-up, ensuring I gave more coaching techniques for every exercise. Afterwards, I told the players that were complaining of being bored of the warm-up that the head therapist said we are looking at developing a new one for the new year. During this practise, one player came to me complaining of pain in his left glutes. I asked if he was experiencing any pins and needles or numbness or any lower back pain, to which he said no. Upon palpation it felt as though he had some tightness, so I did a soft tissue release on his glutes court side before he continued playing. He explained that his pain decreased after giving him this treatment. When performing this treatment, due to the fact it was on the floor and not on a bed I struggled to get as much pressure as I would have liked when giving the soft tissue release. Next time, I will work on getting into a better position to be able to apply enough pressure if I have to perform this court side again.

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