18/11/2019 3 hours

These hours took place in the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic.

Within these 3 hours, I conducted the initial SCAT tests for the BUCS men’s basketball 1st team after finding out that most players did not have theirs done in the pre-season. Conducting the SCAT tests for the first few players took me slighter longer than the ones I conducted at the end. This was the first time ever conducting a SCAT test in real life (not just for practise), so for the first 3 players I made sure I took my time and read each question carefully. To these players, some activities I explained could have been explained clearer. For instance, in the balance section of the SCAT test, I attempted to describe how to do a tandem stance, whereas I should have simply shown them. After the first 3 players, the tests flowed more and were conducted clearer and more efficiently. Following the amount of SCAT tests I had to conduct, I now feel confident in conducting one at any time, knowing that I will be able to provide a clear, reliable, and efficient test. The third year who is supposed to be superior to myself on this placement this quite absent, hence, not knowing that their players had not had their SCAT tests done. Next time, there must be better communication between therapists to ensure everything that needs to be done is done.

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